Maternity care information

Maternity care is about dedicated care, excellent support where you need it and clear information. We consider this to be important to you, your spouse and any children you might have. We create a peaceful environment, enabling you to recover both mentally and physically. Moreover, this also enables your baby to become part of your family.

Thanks to our maternity care, you are able to relax. Our qualified maternity nurse will take full care of mother, child and family itself. We take care of everything meticulously, so you have nothing to worry about.

The result? You can enjoy your family and baby after childbirth. It is a time of peace and awareness, for yourself and your little one. The pregnancy is an exciting period, just like birth itself. The days after can be quite hectic, but our maternity care will take care of you during this period.

Experienced maternity nurses

Our maternity nurses are ready to answer all kinds of questions. Do you have queries about feeding, weight of your baby or its growth? We have the answers you are looking for and can take care of your household chores as well.  We are here to help you with day-to-day chores, such as taking care of the laundry and looking after your other children.

Where we can, we will make sure to work with the same nurse. This brings peace into your household, for your partner and any children you might have.

Apply for maternity care or receive it as soon as possible? We are here to help, please feel free to contact for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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