How do I make the right choice?

There are many maternity care providers in the region of Amsterdam. Making a choice for a maternity care provider can be difficult. As a customer, it is important to determine which subjects you find important when choosing an organization? To help you out, we made a number of topics/questions that can help you choosing an organization.

Subjects/questions that are of interest

– Does the maternity care organization have an agreement with my health insurer?
This is an important question, because you will not receive full compensation for your health care at a non-contracted maternity care organization.

– Does the maternity care organization has the necessary certifications?

This is important in order to determine whether an organization meets all kinds of requirements in the healthcare industry.
The HKZ certificate indicates that an organization follows the certain quality standards.
The WHO-UNICEF certificate indicates that an organization  works in accordance with the UNICEF / WHO guidelines in the field of nursing.

– Am I looking for a large regional maternity care organization or a small scaled maternity care organization?
(this is a personal preference)

– What are the reviews?
Look on the internet for reviews on independent websites such as or your insurer. (Reviews on the web site of a maternity care organizatio are not independent). Inform your network, check with your miwife what experience they have with the maternity care organization

– Wat specific needs do i have regarded to maternity care?
You can think of the spoken languages, specic attention to cultural practices, does the organization have own personel (can the maternity care organization assist the midwife with an home birth).

– Is the maternity care organization affliated to a trade association?

– Does the maternity care organization charges  parking fee to me as a customer?
Check in advance which rules apply by the maternity care organization

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