Our maternity care method

Applying for maternity care? We advise you to do so before the 20th week of your pregnancy. After your application, we will send you a digital confirmation. From that moment on, your maternity care is officially confirmed. Thanks to our method of maternity care, we are able to assist you from the very start and we can offer you the most personal approach.

Are you 20 weeks pregnant and haven’t applied for your maternity care yet? Please feel free to apply, we are happy to be of service.

Method for maternity care

Our maternity nurses will contact you in the seventh month of your pregnancy. We will schedule the first personal intake at your home. Have you given birth before? Then, we are able to do the intake by phone as well. We can discuss your wishes and give you an idea of what your maternity care will be like. We can adjust our working methods to your specific needs, so we can offer you the best of service.

During the intake, we can inform you about what we have to offer. What to expect of breastfeeding and your postnatal period? We will draw up a maternity care plan, so it is clear what our maternity nurse will offer you. We consider our method of maternity care to be a clear approach, with you knowing exactly what to expect as a result.

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