Insurance for maternity care

The maternity care can be covered by your insurance since we have agreements with all health insurers in Holland. A number of health insurances can oblige you to apply via their own maternity care phone line. These conditions can be found in the conditions of your policy.

What are the costs of maternity care?

Maternity care is in your basic health insurance package; your health insurance will cover the costs. You may pay a personal contribution of €4,60 per hour, depending on any supplemental insurance you might have. Obviously, our maternity nurses will be able to inform you about all this.

Naturally, there are no hidden costs. You do not pay any parking costs. We have an all-inclusive rate for our maternity care, enabling you to count on the best support possible.

Queries about the costs

Do you have any queries about the costs for maternity care? Please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to help.

Are you twenty weeks pregnant and have you not arranged your maternity care yet? Please sign up; we are at your service.

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