Additional maternity care or household help after postpartum period is possible.

At Pro Care kraamzorg it is possible to buy additional maternity care on a private basis. There are insurance companies who (depending on your insurance policy) cover additional help after the maternity period.

Are you interested in above and if you would like more information? please contact us.

Pregnancy courses

During your pregnancy you can attend various courses in Amsterdam.
The organization: Rondom de geboorte has the most versatile and complete course offerings. For more information about the various courses and fees, please visit

Rental Breast pumps

We find it important to be able to support breastfeeding, for this reason we rent the Ardo Carum professional breast pump.

In the maternity period you will get support with breastfeeding by our maternity nurses, but it may be necessary to use a pump.

Pro Care kraamzorg rents the Ardo Carum professional breast pump because it is the newest professional breast pump that is available. This pump is very easy to use and easy to operate.

When renting the Carum breast pump you will need to purchase a pump set. You can call us for more information about the availability and rental conditions.

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