Breast pumps for rent

Wish to rent Breast pumps? We support you in breastfeeding. We therefore have professional Ardo Carum breast pumps for rent. (we only rent the breast pumps to customers of Pro Care kraamzorg)

Our maternity nurse will support you with breastfeeding the first week after birth. In some cases, pumping helps to stimulate the milk production. You may wish to rent the professional Ardo Carum breast pump, the latest in professional breast pumps. The pump is very handy to use and simple to operate, so all your attention can be directed to the process of pumping.

Rent professional breast pumps

You can monitor the cycle and the vacuum of this professional breast pump in both the stimulation phase as well as the expression phase separately. Do you experience sore nipples while using a breast pump? You can use the ‘sensitive’ program on the professional breast pump. We ask you to purchase a pump set when renting the breast pump, in order to use it to the fullest.

Hire a professional breast pump? Please contact us on 020-760 72 80 or use our contact page.

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