Our quality

To us, quality is extremely important; we have an extensive experience in maternity care and are exceptionally competent. As a maternity care provider, we have been certified under the Dutch Harmonisation of Quality Review in Health Care and Welfare (HKZ).


We are certified by HKZ, an important quality seal for maternity care. This certification is related to the quality management system of our organization. We use this system to monitor the quality of the maternity care closely. The HKZ seal proves that the quality management system we use meets the requirements set by the sector, financers, patients, consumers and the government. This certification is given by an independent organization that checks our work on a regular basis and therefor monitors the quality of our care.

The HKZ seal offers a basic guarantee when it comes to quality. Our method and organization guarantees you the best maternity care possible. You are always our priority and we make sure you can count on the best support possible.

UNICEF/WHO guidelines for breastfeeding

The Pro Care maternity nurses work according to the UNICEF/WHO rules. Meaning, you can count on excellent maternity care, naturally based on an extremely personal approach.

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