Regulations Pro Care Kraamzorg

Privacy Policy

Pro Care kraamzorg will handle your personal information with good care. Our team has obligation of secrecy.

Our team is only allowed to speak with other caregivers about your situation and provision of care. That also includes your other personal infomation which we have in our administration and care record.

The way we handle your personal information is recorded in the privacy policy from Pro Care kraamzorg. U have the right to view your personal information and if need to be changed or be corrected. Your information will be filed for the maximum of 15 years.

Complaints procedure

The team of Pro Care kraamzorg is performing their job as good as possible. However it might happen that you are not fully satisfied. For example about the way the provision of care is given or the commitmens or non-compliance with agreements.

Pro Care kraamzorg is committed to an environment in which customers, their relationships and family members, in an open atmosphere with our staff can communicate. Your questions, suggestions and complaints we take to heart as much as possible.That gives us a change to improve our services.

When you have a complaint we suggest you first discuss this with our employee. Usually by talking about it, things will solve already. If you will not be able to solve the problem togheter you can get in touch with the complaints officer.

For more information about the procedure you can scan the complaints procedure. The procedure can be obtained here.

Terms & Conditions

Pro Care maternity uses the terms and conditions of care for maternity care of Bo Geboortezorg . The conditions can be obtained here.

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